Venetian Plaster

What is Venetian Plaster?

Attributed from the Renaissance period, Venetian plaster is a limestone based finish that has provided luxury for centuries in locations such as Egypt, Italy and ancient Rome. In modern times, Venetian plaster still provides the most opulent and luxurious design, providing a variety of finishes from polished to more textured. Be it matt or sleek, smooth or textured, classic or contemporary, pigmented or whitened, the Venetian finish ticks all the right boxes in the department of versatility while ensuring that the materials are eco-friendly and the process is harmless to the environment.

☑ Polished or Textured finish ☑ Pigmented or White  ☑ Eco-Friendly

What does Venetian Plaster look like?

The process includes a base coat of slaked lime commonly known as lime putty and the subsequent layers include a fine marble dust or chips. Our craftsman then polish or sand the Venetian Plaster to produce the famed ‘reflective finish’. Unpolished, the finish is matte, rough and translates to a more ‘au naturel’ aesthetic. Venetian plaster is water resistant and can be applied directly over tiles, making it the perfect choice for your next bathroom renovation. It is extremely versatile and is not limited to curved structures and walls.

 ☑ Water Resistant  ☑ Direct over Substrates  ☑ Curved or Straight Structures

Where can I use Venetian Plaster?

The easy workability of lime plaster ensures that the Venetian finish can be used on walls, floors and ceilings, be it straight or curved surfaces. While it lends a bespoke rendering to stand-alone ‘statement’ surfaces, the finish is also highly practical for surfaces that are likely to get dirty or damp and spaces that experience heavy use. The water and humidity resistant feature of the finish also makes it apt for use on both interior and exterior surfaces. So yes, nothing is off-limits, from kitchen splash-backs to bathroom walls. Most materials with a porous surface work well with this finish including stone, bricks, concrete and even wood and tiles.

What is the maintenance of Venetian Plaster?

When it comes to durability and upkeep, the Venetian plaster has a winning advantage. The hard finish can withstand shrinkage and pressure while also being easy to clean and maintain. The unusual mix of pigments and resins ensure that the surface develops a beautiful patina as it ages, while not causing much need for repainting or repair. But any repair work can also be efficiently executed in patches and easily blended with the rest of the surface. The lime plaster lends a unique breathability to the surface and keeping them naturally mold and mildew free. A shout-out to superior air quality and non-toxic surfaces!

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