Quartz Carpet

What is Quartz Carpet?

Featuring a beautiful, resilient and durable design, Quartz carpet combines natural quartz stones and resin to make a effortlessly luxurious floor. Despite it’s textured feel, Quartz carpet has a visually seamless design, with the option to tailor the colours, quartz size and textures to your design needs.

☑ Durable and Resilient Design   ☑ Visually Seamless

Is Quartz Carpet best for Commercial or Residential?

Due to it’s durable and resilient design, this carpet lends to high traffic areas and is extremely popular in the commercial sector. However, Quartz carpet has also been seen to be used to create effortless luxury in balcony’s, bathrooms and garages in the residential sector. With such versatility from interior to exterior, to floors and walls; Quartz carpet is an underestimated material that will transform your space into a luxurious environment.

  ☑ Commercial and Residential ☑ Interior and Exterior

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Why choose Quartz Carpet?

Our favourite feature of Quartz carpet is it’s versatility and customisation ability. It comes in a range of colours from black to white and can be tailored to stone size preference or a matte or polished finish. Currently making a statement in our very own Petrie Terrace showroom, Quartz stone floor is the latest floor finish for modern, luxurious and opulent spaces.

  ☑ Range of Colours ☑ Stone Size Customisation ☑ Luxury Design

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