Tadelakt is a one of its kind lime plaster and is set apart by its traditional hand-crafted process. In fact the attention to detail required for the application was so meticulous that only the most skilled and experienced artisans in Morocco attempted it. Tadelakt is synonymous with the local architecture of Morocco, perfected over thousands of years and has a stunning, smooth finish that lives up to its incredible reputation for interiors. Today, the techniques and material compositions have been modernised and altered to suit the local climate and the specific needs of modern interiors. The finish however remains the same; timeless and incredibly charming.

What is Tadelakt?

The Tadelakt mixture is composed of lime putty and aggregates that are mixed to a set ratio and applied in thin, even coats. In fact, the name Tadelakt has its origin in Arabic and approximately translates as ‘to rub in’. These essential layers create the base of the Tadelakt finish. The final layers are spread around with a trowel to create an even surface. After the layer has dried, a stone is used to sand the surface that gives the Tadelakt, its famed smooth and continuous finish. A final sealant that contains black olive oil is rubbed onto the smoothened surface which reacts with the lime and makes the finish completely water proof. These painstaking hours with the hand-work are totally worth it when you actually touch, see and live in a Tadelakt treated interior.

☑ Water Proof ☑ Unique Finish  ☑ Eco-Friendly

What’s it going to look like?

Tadelakt gives a wide variety of options when it comes to coloring by use of pigments but the texture of the finish is strictly held to the traditional standards. The finish is smooth and even and the surface is daintily reflective. This creates a fantastic balance which is often referred to as the endearing duality of Tadelakt; being hard and durable but also being soft on the eye. The continuous surface is applied seamlessly which combines with the extensive palette of available pigments to create a warm and noise-less continuity in spaces. This give an appearance of openness especially in areas that are tight spatially. The light that softly bounces off its silky surface gives it the most exotic appeal. Every Tadelakt finish also develops its own patina with time and any tiny weathering cracks only add to its old-world charm. Talk about aging like fine wine!

☑ Smooth Finish ☑ Variety of Pigments  ☑ Subtle Metallic finish

Where can I use Tadelakt?

Tadelakt finish is especially celebrated for it water proof quality and historically, this technique was even developed for the very same purpose. Today Tadelakt is highly sought out for all interior surfaces but particularly as kitchen and bathroom finishes. Modern Tadelakt finishes can be applied on most stable and well prepared substrates, including brick, wood and concrete. The exotic appeal makes it suitable for feature walls, stairways and literally any other space you want to spatially demarcate or stand out. But the sturdy durability in damp environments makes it a no-brainer when it comes to showers, toilets, baths and kitchen splash backs and even counters. In other spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms, they bring a quietly soothing and resilient quality to the space.

What is the maintenance of Tadelakt?

Tadelakt requires minimal maintenance but like all natural materials, it is sensitive to abrasive cleansers/ detergents. Tadelakt does not accumulate mildew or stain, hence cleaning it is fairly easy by the use of just water and a soft wipe. All materials and processes used for Tadelakt are eco-friendly and the product is biodegradable. Alternatively, the mortar can be recycled by powdering to be used again.

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