What is Microcement?

Microcement is a durable, economical and versatile-use, cement-based decorative coating. In fact the finish offers endless possibilities for both new and existing, interior and exterior work. It can be applied in a variety of textures, finishes such as matt, glossy and satin and is can be mixed with a wide variety of pigments to produce stunning surfaces that are also practical. The best and perhaps the most distinctive feature of this finish is its easy workability and less setting/drying time that make it both time and cost effective. Microcement goes by a variety of trade names and is becoming quite the popular choice for producing the sensible industrial look without the cost and weight of actual concrete.

 ☑ Water Resistant  ☑ Seamless Finish  ☑ Tension and Compression Resistant

What does Microcement look like?

Unlike regular concrete floors and walls where there is need to provide expansion joints, microcement can produce seamless and continuous finishes. This also means that there is no need for grouting. The unique, cohesive quality of a microcement render can transform a space; breaking its rigidity and lending it a functionally minimal appearance. While applying, depending on the kind of finish required, anything between 3-7 layers are required. This is applied by a trowel and lends the microcement render a one-of-a-kind look that can be customized to almost any level of complexity with colours, textures and finishes. The surfaces also interact well with light and shadow, which continually transform the quality of the space from morning to evening.

Where can I use it?

The versatility of a microcement mix makes it apt for usage on any well prepared surface such as concrete, wood, tiles, brick and stone. The adhesiveness and high strength of the finish guarantees a water and humidity proof and maintains perfectly. Microcement in wet areas needs to be sealed with an appropriate sealant. The areas of application are practically endless from kitchen countertops to swimming pools and bathroom splash backs. The surface can be finished to be stain-free but in alternate cases can easily be cleaned with PH-neutral soap and water. The high resistance makes it applicable for exterior uses including areas that experience heavy usage. Microcement is excellent for usage on walls, floors and ceilings.

 ☑ All Substrates ☑ Exterior and Interior ☑ Durable Design

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