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Lime is a material that has been used in traditional building systems for centuries now. Used both as mortars and plasters, the distinctive properties of lime hold it at par to similar modern contemporaries. In fact it is due to these very qualities that lime rendering is seeing a tremendous revival in contemporary interiors. Lime is eco-friendly, biodegradable and can be recycled, making it the ultimate choice for environment conscious sensibilities that also want a superior finish with a distinctive organic appeal.

What is it?

When applied to a surface as a plaster or render, lime undergoes what is commonly known as the lime cycle. This curing of lime causes water to evaporate from the applied layer. It further reacts by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which essentially reverses the process of its production. So as time passes, the lime keeps hardening. Voila! It eventually turns back to limestone, becoming absolutely rock solid; waterproof and durable for ages. This natural process takes place over a period of years and ensures that your walls are actually breathing, absorbing and evaporating water that also keep the interiors cool and comfortable all day long!

What’s it going to look like?

A lime render is physically porous due to the properties of hydrated lime. When applied to a substrate, lime putty is more flexible to work with the use of a trowel and creates a beautiful, even canvas that is soothing to the eye. It works especially well for rounding off sharp corners in interiors and giving a more tied-up and uninterrupted spatial quality. When going with lime renders, it is typically advised to go for a neutral and softer color palette. An unmatched quality of a lime render is its gradually progressive weathering that is not only even but also lends a unique antique appeal. Lime mixes can be varied and applied differently to obtain all kinds of textures from rough and undulated to smoothed and continuous.

Where can I use it?

When mixed and weathered appropriately, lime renders are durable, strong and waterproof. They can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces and due to its porosity it doesn’t trap moisture. The substrate remains dry and doesn’t weaken or disintegrate with time unlike cement renders. A professional can help to choose specific lime mixes that will render well on the substrate of your choice; brick, earth, stone, wood are all appropriate surfaces for
a lime render. Lime renders are fantastic choices for all interior spaces and exterior surfaces but require different specifications that work with their different levels of exposure.

What else should I really know?

Lime renders do not peel off in pieces like cement renders. They bond very well with substrates that are prepared well. It is important to have a levelled substrate that is clean and dry. Lime mixes require utmost precision to obtain similar tints for reapplication or repair and even then chemical processes might change the exact shade needed for application. It is important to understand this as a natural property of the material and it is advisable to undertake all repair and reapplication on the large scale instead of smaller patches. This will guarantee an even finish and what’s more, every rendered surface will be one of its kind, making it a customized luxury statement!

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